Top Medical Schools in Canada: Eligibility, Courses, Fees, Jobs, Scholarships 2023

According to QS Top Universities, there are 18 medical schools in Canada with loads of variable specializations and degrees available to go with, in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of the field. Medicine as a sphere of study is nothing but to protect and restore good health with the aim to identify and treat an illness using the knowledge of medical science. To note the fact, the Medical and Health industry of Canada ranks third in terms of the highest employment number. The healthcare industry has seen a substantial rise in the number of annual employment in the sector over the last five years. Check: MBBS in Canada

  • There are 7 top universities in Canada for medicine among 100 rankings worldwide by QS rankings.
  • The average cost to study medicine from Canada can range from 20,000 to 60,000 CAD
  • The median salary of a medical professional in Canada is 83,353 CAD. Explore more jobs in Canada.
  • States, like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Alberta have been found to have good employment records in the medical industry in Canada.

Top Ranked Medical Schools in Canada

Canada is the center of prestigious universities, like Alberta University, McGill University, University of Toronto, etc. and for these reasons, international students consider studying in Canada impressive. Gathered underneath is the list of best universities in Canada for medicine, as per QS rankings 2022.

QS World Rankings 2022University/CollegePopular Medicine Degrees
#26University of TorontoBachelor of Science, Master of Science/Applied Science & Doctorate Degrees
#27McGill UniversityBachelor of Science, Master of Science/Applied Science & Doctorate Degrees
#46University of British ColumbiaBachelor of Science, Master of Science/Applied Science & Doctorate Degrees
#114University of MontrealBachelor of Science, Master of Science & Doctorate Degrees
#140McMaster UniversityBachelor of Science, Master of Science & Doctorate Degrees

Medical Schools in Canada: Specializations and Degrees Offered

As per Job Bank Canada, the percentage of graduates in family medicine in Canada is 55.32%, which is higher than the percentage of graduates in other medical specializations and this mandates for one to know about the other types of medicine specializations that Canada has to offer.

Dental MedicineMaxillofacial Surgery
Veterinary MedicineMedical Genetics
Translational MedicineParasitology
Population MedicineFamily Medicine
Human KineticsNeurology
Pathology and Laboratory MedicinePediatrics

Medical Schools in Canada: Degree Types

For higher education in Canada, one needs to keep a track of the degree types that are presented by Canadian Universities, if keen to pursue the course of medicine:

  • Undergraduate- Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Graduate- Master of Science, Master of Applied Science & Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctoral- Doctoral of Philosophy/ Ph.D.

Medical Schools in Canada: Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate courses from universities in Canada for medicine lasts for about 3 to 4 years and a professional with the same degree may expect to earn within a range of 45,000 CAD to 85,000 CAD on an average annually.

Presented under are some of the popular medical courses in Canada to access after 12th grade, along with the duration and the course fee.

Popular ProgramUniversitiesDurationAverage annual fee (INR)
B.Sc. ParamedicineUniversity of Toronto4 Years37.11 lakhs
Bachelor Medical Laboratory ScienceUniversity of British Columbia2 Years32.31 lakhs
B.Sc. Physical TherapyMcGill University3 Years27.59 lakhs
University of Montreal12.66 lakhs
B.Sc. Radiation TherapyUniversity of Toronto3 Years22.03 lakhs
McMaster University4 Years21.06 lakhs
Bachelor Human KineticsUniversity of British Columbia4 Years26.53 lakhs
University of Victoria16.22 lakhs
B.Sc. UltrasonographyMcMaster University4 Years21.07 lakhs
Bachelor Dental HygieneDalhousie University3 Years16.73 lakhs
B.Sc. NutritionUniversity of Montreal4 Years12.38 lakhs

Medical Schools in Canada: Eligibility for Bachelors 

Eligibility criteria are one of the vital considerations that an international student must be aware of when willing to start their study abroad in Canada. Medicine college in Canada providing bachelors course have common eligibility necessities as follows:

  •  International students must have their 10th & 12th grades passing certificate.
  • Students must have a Science background ( Required knowledge of subjects, like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, and Computer) 
  • All the International students will have to give proof of English Language proficiency
    • IELTS: 7 or more
    • TOEFL: 85-100
  • International students may have to sit for tests and interviews conducted by the appearing universities.

Note: International students need to sit for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The test will be conducted online and will consist of four sections to attend in 7.5 hours. The score ranges from 472 to 528.

Top Medical Schools in Canada

Documents Required

The documents obligatory for bachelors in medicine in Canada can be normally categorized into the following:

  • Statement of Purpose (Depends on the university applying)
  • Letter of Recommendation (Depends on the university applying)
  • Academic Documents (Mandatory)
  • Current Photo for ID
  • Valid National Passport and a Canadian Student Visa

Medical Schools in Canada: Cost of Studying Bachelors 

The average annual cost to study an undergraduate course medical from Canada could be 20,000 CAD to 65,000 CAD approximately, as it may vary based on university chosen. The average cost mentioned will also include the cost of living in Canada. One may easily get several options in terms of financial aids and scholarships available for undergraduate degrees in Canada.

Medical Schools in Canada: Graduate Programs

With 80% of the graduates in the medical field of Canada, makes this program as one of the most demanded one by international students post their bachelors in a relevant field, which will definitely help the students to receive a good pay in the medical industry of the country.

Compiled below are a few popular graduate medicine courses that one can opt in Canada.

Popular ProgramUniversitiesDurationAverage Annual Fee (INR)
M.Sc. Dental MedicineUniversity of Toronto2 Years43.81 lakhs
McGill University11.79 lakhs
M.Sc. Surgery; M.Sc. Pathology and Laboratory MedicineUniversity of British Columbia2 Years5.71 lakhs
M.Sc. Experimental MedicineMcGill University2 Years11.79 lakhs
University of British Columbia5.71 lakhs
M.Sc. Physical Therapy; M.Sc. Medical ScienceMcMaster University2 Years11.13 lakhs
M.Sc. Public HealthUniversity of Montreal2 Years8.38 lakhs
M.ASc. Biomedical Genius17.01 lakhs
M.Sc. Veterinary MedicineUniversity of Calgary2 Years9.46 lakhs
M.Sc. Translational MedicineQueen’s University2 Years13.67 lakhs
M.Sc. Population MedicineUniversity of Guelph2 Years8.88 lakhs

Medical Schools in Canada: Eligibility for Masters 

Below outlined are the general criteria that one can have an eye on when eager to apply for masters in medicine from Canada: 

  • International students must deliver their undergraduate qualifying certificate in a related field of study.
  • Students must have held at least a B-grade or around 75% in the last exam
  • GRE score
  • All the International students will have to give proof of English Language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL )
  • Students may have to satisfy the rules and regulations set by respective universities and departments

Documents Required

All the international students must confirm to have the following documents when applying for masters from universities in Canada for medicine:

  • Statement of purpose (Depends on the university applying)
  • 2 reference letters (Depends on the university applying)
  • Resume/CV (Depends on the university applying)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Valid national passport and visa

Medical Schools in Canada: Cost of Studying Masters 

The cost to pursue a graduate degree from universities in Canada for medicine may differ based on certain graduate programs and university one picks but on average annually, it may cost an international student between the ranges of 10,000 to 56,000 CAD. However, the mentioned value may increase if the cost of living in Canada is added. International students in need of funding help can look at the number of scholarships offered for graduate degrees in Canada.

Medical Schools in Canada: Doctoral Programs

It is obvious that a Ph.D. holder from any university in Canada for medical can earn 20% to 23% more on an average annually than those with just a master’s degree in the same field of study for doing the same job. Not only are there many universities offering this degree but also a Ph.D. in medicine from Canada is globally accepted as many of these degree holders get a chance to work with well-known health establishments, like NIH, FDA, CDCP, etc.

Students wanting to pursue medical courses in Canada at the doctorate level have abundant options to choose from.

Popular ProgramUniversitiesDurationAverage Annual Fee (INR)
Ph.D. Oral & Maxillofacial SurgeryUniversity of Toronto4 Years9 lakhs
Ph.D. Rehabilitation Science5 Years4 lakhs
Ph.D. Population MedicineUniversity of Guelph3 Years8.54 lakhs
Ph.D. Dental SurgeryUniversity of Montreal5 Years15.27 lakhs
Ph.D. Optometry3 Years10.04 lakhs
Ph.D. Medical GeneticsUniversity of British Columbia4 Years5.82 lakhs
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology5 Years5.71 lakhs
Ph.D. ParasitologyMcGill University3 Years10.18 lakhs
Ph.D. Human Genetics4 Years
Ph.D. Population HealthUniversity of Ottawa4 Years4.34 lakhs
Ph.D. Family Medicine; Ph.D. Pathology & Laboratory MedicineWestern University4 Years1.38 lakhs

Ph.D. in Medicine in Canada: Eligibility

Different medicine schools in Canada have diverse eligibility criteria to fulfill, but most of the universities follow the below-mentioned list of requisites that an individual needs to ensure before pursuing a Ph.D. in medicine from Canada.

  • Students need to have done their master’s in medical or in a related field.
  • International students should have at least ‘3’ in the grading system or ’B’ in the letter grading system of their last given exams.
  • International students should have GRE scores.
  • Proof of English proficiency:
    • TOEFL: 85-100
    • IELTS: 7 or more
  • Universities may conduct internet-based tests, revised paper-delivered tests, and paper-based tests.
  • International students must get their research papers accepted by respective universities.

Documents Required

  • Records of Transcripts
  • Current Resume
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Scores of tests for studying in Canada
  • Research Proposal

Cost of Studying Ph.D. in Medicine in Canada

Funding requirement becomes more when aiming to pursue a doctoral degree from medical schools in Canada. An international student may have to pay between ranges of 1,000 CAD to 18,000 CAD annually on an average for the same. Numerous scholarships for doctoral programs in Canada are available too.

Scholarships at top Medical Schools in Canada

Canada is one of those countries that are known for its high-quality education, as per the Canadian Bureau for International Education, but the high cost involved in studying from such a country cannot be avoided too. Therefore, in order to provide monetary ease to all the international students dreaming to pursue their career from Canada, tabularized below are few popular scholarships to study in Canada for study medicine as well as other major subjects.

Scholarship NameOffered ToAward (CAD)
Go Clean ScholarshipBachelors, masters & doctoral international students4,900
University of Toronto Scholars ProgramAll undergraduate programs7,569
Debesh Kamal ScholarshipUndergraduates, graduates & doctorate international students1,939
Albert A. Butler Award in OrthopedicsResearch students of medicine6,550
Achievers in Medical Science Graduate RecruitmentGraduate students of medicine25,000
AE Bowie Scholarship in MedicineMasters and Doctorate students of medicine1,750
Adiel Steacy Memorial ScholarshipsUndergraduate students of medicineVariable
Collegedunia $150 Scholarship ProgramDiploma, Bachelors and Master programs210

Do I need a license to work in India after a medical degree from Canada?

Have you completed your medical degree from Canada? Are you planning to practice medicine in India or enroll in a job at a public/private hospital in India and worried about the next step? Well! Indian students with a degree from a top medical school in Canada need not worry. 

Graduates from foreign universities who wish to return back to India for job opportunities usually require to clear a screening test by MCI(Medical Council of India) called FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination). However, that is not the case with Canada. 

Indian students with a degree from top medical schools in Canada do not need to appear for FMGE and can directly register with MCI to practice medicine in India. The reason for this exemption is because of the fact that the universities in Canada offering a degree in medicine are recognized by MCI.

Medical Jobs Opportunities in Canada

According to Job Bank Canada, 95% of the students with a medicine degree in Canada are employed. Canada has medical practitioners from many international countries, like India, South Africa, Libya, etc. Professionals of Family Medicine, General Practitioner, and Dentists are found to enjoy the most number of long-term jobs in Canada.

  • Canada has seen a demand for dentist professionals to rise due to a rise in population over these years.
  • The occupation of veterinary medicine can see a rise of 1.4% in British Columbia.
  • Canada first came out with an antimalarial agent and the first cancer tumor antigen.

With various areas to explore, there are a number of jobs for international medical graduates in Canada that can be undertaken. The table below shows the salaries for the mentioned medical designation:

DesignationSalary Range in CAD Per Annum
Orthopedic Surgeon506,700 to 464,500
Cardiologist350,000 to 475,000
Gastroenterologist327,760 to 441,421
Urologist350,000 to 424,091
Hematologists396,000 to 500,000
Psychiatrist230,074 to 279,682
Neurologist210,000 to 250,000
Anesthesiologist300,000 to 400,000
Radiologist350,000 to 450,000
Endocrinologist2000,000 to 300,000
Medical Oncologist327,209 to 422,266
Pediatrician210,000 to 250,000
Medical Geneticist210,000 to 280,000

The average annual salary for the medical industry in Canada is 39% more than that of all jobs. 54% of the surveyed medical experts said to have received a monetary bonus ranging from 3% to 6% annually, along with an increment of 10% every 14 months.

Hence, this establishes the fact that Canada not only stands out as a country providing quality education in the area of medical, but also the same industry has seen a remarkable growth to attract plenty of international students to pursue their dream course on medicine from Canada.

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